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Beautiful Fonts For Website - Joel Says

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What you usually do when you see a cool font used on a website you visit and you have no idea which font it is? Simply sit back and dreaming about having that font?
Random Password - Joel Says

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If you are a web developer you may have used random password generation many times on user registration forms. Many websites doesn't allow users to...

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Adding a small author box in WordPress post is becoming one of the biggest trends in WordPress powered blogs. Today almost every websites including many...
Detect Theme Used in WordPress Website - Joel Says

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Recently I visited a website and it looked very beautiful and attractive. I was curious to know whether it is WordPress site or not....
Ajax Pagination - Joel Says

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Codeigniter is one of the best php framework available today. Availability of many inbuilt classes and plugins makes Codeigniter one of the best among...
Related Posts WordPress without Plugin - Joel Says

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Making your visitors navigate throughout your site from topics to topics will make longer visiting time for your website. Every website owners or bloggers...
Best WordPress Mega Menu Plugin - Joel Says

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Have you ever seen some WordPress websites, which use customized menu navigation like showing images or some other cool things when you hover? Wonder...
phpMyAdmin Login - Joel Says

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If you have working experience with phpMyAdmin you will be aware that every time you use this application you have to login . Also phpMyAdmin...
Anti AdBlocker to Show Alternative Content - Joel Says

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If you own a website/blog or if you are a ad publisher, the main issue that you are facing today could be the ad...
Export WordPress Comments to Excel without Plugin

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Well. We are going to learn a trick to export WordPress comments to excel sheet without using any plugin !!! :) I have already explained...